Designer Dog Craze: Teacup Pomeranians?

Are you familiar with this designer dog craze sweeping the internets?

Everywhere I go I see social media posts about such and such designer dog. And by designer dog, I mean…the crossbreeding of two different dog breeds to get some fancy, cutesy mutt.

Thanks to celebrities and their designer dog monstrosities, we are seeing average Americans stampede toward unethical breeders and pet stores looking for the “must have” dog.

But, I stumbled across something interesting about the Pomeranian dog breed.There is a cottage industry built around creating the smallest dog possible.  These dogs are weighing in at 2 plus pounds?  That is absurdly tiny.

And a quick search of the internet for teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale shows scores of listings. But, beware.  There is a lot of risk i purchasing teacup Pomeranians as evidenced by this post.


Bowled My First 550 Series

Since getting my first bowling ball four weeks ago my scores have steadily improved.

It is amazing how much more consistent and better my scores have been since I purchased my own ball and stopped using the crappy, plastic house balls.

On Monday, I bowled a 164, 192 and 197 for a total of 553.

What was frustrating was that I left the first frame open in all three games.  Had I closed that frame out each time instead of rolling 9′s, I would have seen my scores in each game improved by at least 15-18 pins.  It is quite conceivable that I could have broken 600 had I posted a spare in the first frame.


Bowled My First 500 Series

This past Monday during league play, I bowled my first 500 series.  Woohoo!

This was my second week and only 4th, 5th and 6th league games with my new bowling ball. Though I was unable to top my best game and unable to reach 200 points in a game, I performed much better with respect to all three games.

I bowled a 535!

I am pretty stoked and surprised at how much better my game is now with my own ball.

If you are interested in bowling or bowling fairly regularly but using a house ball…you need to switch now!

Designer Dog Craze: Pomskies?

Human beings can be pretty stupid and the viral explosion of interest in the Pomsky designer dog breed is an example.  I mean…really stupid.

For the uninitiated, the Pomsky is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky.

Now…the absolute crazy part of this viral tidal wave of interest are these pictures of a so-called Pomsky.  You can see it here.

But the picture is not of a Pomsky. It is of a Finnish Lapphund. And there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of posts in search engines of those looking for pomsky puppies for sale.  Absurd.

Now you have tens of thousands of people looking for a dog breed based on a picture that isn’t even of that dog breed. There are tons of pomsky scams all over the place.

If you want some decent information, go to the Pomsky Club of America website.



Kids Bowl Free

This past weekend I took my son to one of his friend’s birthday party at the bowling alley.

We did the bowling and pizza thing. Opened some presents, ate some cake and went home.  As we left the bowling alley, they had a flyer on the door window advertising their kids bowl free program.

During the summer, participating bowling alleys throughout the nation are offering kids the opportunity to bowl for free.  And even better, parents can bowl on the cheap as well.

Get this. For the entire summer, parents can bowl two games a day for free once you sign up and pay $24.95.  And that is $24.95 for both parents…not each.

So, for $24.95 and the price of the shoe rental, a family of four or more can bowl every day during the summer.

I just signed up my family and we plan on buying our shoes since the shoe rental is $4 a pop, per person.  After two weeks of bowling we will have paid off our shoes.

Seems like the biggest no brainer to me.